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    Technocity’s successful history

    Founded in Athens, Greece, TechnoCity’s experience spans more than 15 years delivering high quality project management, supervision and construction on some world leading construction projects in the steel erection, major construction, roadworks and water treatment construction industries.


    TechnoCity’s strengths across a wide sprectrum of construction

    TechnoCity’s strengths lie in its dedicated, experienced and exceptional technical staff, who have significant international experience in road, sewage and water treatment plants and general construction using modern technology and techniques.

    As efficiency regulations have come into effect in recent years, new construction technologies and methods have emerged intended to improve efficiency, performance and reduce construction waste. TechnoCity’s involvement in public sector works and the vast range of different types of construction projects have given us the opportunity to refine and perfect our delivery inline with these efficiencies.

    Should you wish to compare across the construction industry, you will find our speed of delivery, quality and technical knowledge in combination with highly competitive pricing truely aligned with your strategy and proposition for successful project delivery.


    A proven track record of success

    The high quality, prompt and sound completion of public works, across the entire construction industry, throughout the whole of Greece, have given the company the ability to highly develop its productive and administrative infrastructure. This in turn has enabled the company with advanced technical know-how and earned wide recognition.

    Commercial and industrial construction

    We also provide expertise to the commercial and industrial construction industry. This has included offering electro mechanical consulting services.


    Design consideration, safety equalling customer satisfaction

    We think safety first and take the upmost care in all ventures as well as careful consideration of the design resulting in great customer satisfaction, the motto of our service.

    Offices in Germany and Cyprus


    Germany: +4915121059614 / +4915229321055

    Cyprus: +306987770405 / +306982385596

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    73 D-80336
    Tel: +4915121059614 / +4915229321055
    Emanouil Roidi
    Kirzis Center
    3031 Limassol
    Tel: +306987770405 / +306982385596


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